Brock Recital Hall

This 32,000 square foot building is used to highlight and show case the fine arts of Samford University. The building is located adjacent to Buchanan Hall and the Wright Center. The interior of the Recital Hall features an active stage, recital hall and other areas such as the “green room” and practice areas. The finishes are of ornate plaster, mahogany and cherry woods, and other fine appointments.

Special features of the performance hall are many. The entire auditorium is isolated from any adjacent walls by a three inch gap. The foundations include vibration and isolation noise measures. All surfaces in the auditorium are non-parallel surfaces to optimize voice and instrumental performances without electronic sound enhancement. Three walls have movable fabric sound panels are connected to pulleys used for tuning of sound reflection. Much thought was put into design of the project.

Additionally, Brock Recital Hall at Samford University has received the prestigious Shutze Award for excellence in classical design presented by the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art (ICAA). Neil Davis with Davis Architect received the award.

Owner: Samford University

Location: Birmingham, AL

Architect: Davis Architects